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All we can do it via the Internet, including marketing and promotional activities. Many organizations use the blog as a marketing tool to consumers about prices, functions and benefits of their products. The existence of the blog was very helpful for advertisers to introduce their products to target consumers via the Internet. The result is that they get is very satisfying because there are a lot of feedback from the public about the products they produce. The owner of a blog can join with blog marketing to help the owner of the ad market products. The blog's owner will get paid to blog in accordance with the agreement with the blog advertising. The owner of the ad will provide several options with the appropriate product selection and theme blog owner. Because the blog owner should be able to give a review so that the good relationship between the owner and the owner of blog ads can continue to be involved with both. Perhaps the blog is just a hobby, but this hobby can provide the maximum revenue to the owner. An Internet marketer can use blogs as a source of income. Easier to get cheap internet access and free blogger can help to develop a blog to be better. This is the opportunity that is also used by advertisers to give the blogger the opportunity to take part to help marketing their products. A good relationship between the advertiser and blog owners are expected to continue because both involved with the internet marketing from year to year is very promising. Being a professional blogger with a review of the best products to advertisers is the existence of a responsibility that must be done well.

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